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Established in 2014, Bodhi International School is a co-educational day boarding school offering exceptional academic education, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care to students of all backgrounds and faiths. At BIS, we go beyond traditional learning to deliver a high-quality, transformational education to thousands of students from kindergarten through to the end of secondary school.
At Bodhi International School, we aspire to be Curious, Creative, Confident, and Compassionate Citizens of the world. The School respects and nurtures all students as individuals, seeking to inspire, support, and celebrate the efforts of all in realizing their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social, and physical aspirations. BIS is also the only school in Jodhpur that offers a range of curricula under one roof, be it International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, CBSE, IGCSE, or Cambridge.
Committed to Lifelong Learning
The school focuses on nurturing every unique individual with love and respect so that they grow into confident, compassionate, and self-driven youth, thereby making the educational process child-centered and classroom learning fun.
Imparting wisdom and new age philosophy that aims to empower 21st-century learners, Bodhi International School is a state-of-the-art architectural marvel with adequate open spaces, natural light, and air for children to feel free and energized.
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The International Edge

In a world shaped by globalization, environmental change, and technological advancement, our students will take to live in ways that we can scarcely imagine.

Both students as well as faculty members collaborate with schools worldwide, indulge in cultural exchange programmes, summer internships and projects, and overseas exposure that will provide every Bodhian with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them. They explore disciplines to solve problems using tools we have yet to invent. To equip them, we strongly develop their critical thinking capacity to analyze complex information, the ability to communicate in multiple languages, the adaptive creativity to find solutions, and the integrity to serve others always before self. Our strategic plans and academic, pastoral, and co-curricular education build and support that.

Academic Excellence
Early Years
Seedlings - Blossoms
(3 years to 5 years)

Developing knowledgeable, inquiring, and caring young children through customized play-based exploration and collaboration (Grades EY 1 to EY 3)

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(Grade 1 to Grade 5)

A concept-driven transdisciplinary model of teaching and learning to make a positive difference in the lives (Grade 1 to Grade 5)

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Cambridge Lower Secondary
(Grade 6 to Grade 8)

A robust beginning to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills for the next level of higher-order learning (Grades 6 to 8)

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Cambridge Secondary
(Grade 9 and Grade 10)

A balanced program for children that encourages vital academic skills and lends an international perspective through a practical approach to learning (Grades 9 and 10)

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Cambridge Senior Secondary
(Grade 11 and Grade 12)

A broad range of courses for 16 to 19-year-old students that explores students’ interests and strengths, and enables them to transition smoothly to higher education (Grades 11 and 12)

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(Grade 9 to Grade 12)

A standard and most preferred educational board of India that commits to the holistic development of a child and prepares them for future challenges (Classes 9 to 12)

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Parents Testimonials

The greatest testimony that IBPYP is the right choice has been in the smiles and exhilaration of our children at the end of each school day. (presently online)

Ms Purva Bhandari

Parent of Hrivaan Bhandari & Amaira Bhandari

As a parent, I am very much satisfied with the way of teaching and overall activities which are done in school. We are very happy with the teachers: they are very polite and working very hard with the students, especially the sports department works very hard with the students for their games and fitness.

Dr. Nitin Mirdha

Parent of Vivaan Mirdha

If you can't figure out your purpose figure out your passion and PYP will lead your passion into your purpose.... Love to be part of the PYP family.

Mr. Manish Singhvi

Parent of Dev Singhvi, Dhyara Singhvi

IBPYP offers thoughtful opportunities through units of inquiry. It facilitates students to be open minded and makes them confident learners.

Mr. Vivek Lodha

Parent of Pratham Lodha & Ananya Lodha

PYP aims at making children acquainted with the practicality of all subjects. Students are taught through various media and are assessed on basis of their class performance and projects.

Dr. Sushil Saraswat

Parent of Advita Saraswat

I, as a proud Bodhian, felt immense joy and pride to have chosen the best platform of opportunities for my son when I attended the annual function of the school. The dedication of the Chairman was visible in every act and showed a complete commitment to the institution. With you as a leader, we feel confident of a bright future of our son.

Mr. Jagdev Singh

Father of Harsahaj Bir Singh IGCSE

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