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Bodhi International School, Jodhpur was established in 2014 with 96 students and has since focused steadfastly on imparting inclusive and holistic education, without compromising traditional values. While providing free, welcoming spaces and encouraging students to participate actively in their own progress, the school identifies and develops students’ signature strengths and promotes a culture of lifelong learning in a caring environment.

Our Inspiration - Guru Kamal Vijay Ji

Functioning under the aegis of Shri Gurudev Kamal Vijay Memorial Society, with blessings and insight of its visionary mentors, Mr. Shyam Lal Bothra and Mr. Nemi Chand Bhandari, school strives hard to cultivate the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social development of a child. Bodhi stands tall when it comes to 360 degree grooming that encompasses pedagogical practices and philosophical orientations.

Built with the vision to bring global perspectives into the classrooms, Bodhi International School offers a multi-curricular pathway. Through cross-cultural threads of thorough curriculum and assessment, professional staff development, leadership and technological advancement, Bodhi unwaveringly nurtures the dream of imbuing change in society by educating the custodians of our future: our children.

The school is lucky to have the stalwarts of the family, Mr. Shyam Lal Bothra and Mr. Nemi Chand Bhandari as the mentors of the school. Their experience and well wishes are the guiding spirit of the school.

Mr. Shayam Lal Bothra

Mr. Nemi Chand Bhandari

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