Learning Spaces

An encouraging learning spaces provides the true canvas to prospective students and parents alike. Thanks to the knowledge, skills and experience that the students will gain in the school, they will be able to adapt to a greater variety of jobs and careers.

To achieve the desired standards, we lay equal emphasis on the security of the campus, a world-class infrastructure and envious academic standards.

Bodhi International School offers unparalleled safety, security and user-friendly infrastructure to all the stakeholders. It boasts of lush green well-maintained premises equipped with CCTV cameras monitored by trained security staff. Our outdoor spaces and state-of-the-art sporting facilities complement our efforts towards achieving recognition at the highest levels. The sports arena boasts of a football field, tennis, basketball and squash courts, skating rink, chess, carrom and table tennis rooms in addition to the swimming pool. Our sports teams are coached by the experienced and well-qualified coaches who take exceptional care of students’ physical as well as mental health on and off campus.

The academic building hosts an atrium and dais which enables viewing of various events from anywhere in the building. While the audio-visual rooms of the school provide sufficient space for seminars and workshops, exclusive and protected spaces are created for all sections. Our prized toddlers are taken special care of by the friendly faculty. The administrative offices are suitably located for adequate supervision and access.

Learning Spaces

Spaces provide opportunities for children to interact with each other and a range of materials.
Materials: Materials promote independence, social interaction, relationship building, engagement and inquiry. In addition to this the resources that a child can use to create and innovate deliberate Learning Spaces are created to promote inquiry and student efficacy. These unique, educational spaces breed continued motivation for students that allow children to fully engage in their schooling and become excited about learning, and cater to multiple intelligences.

  • Learning Stations
  • Classroom library space
  • A friends & family displays
  • A collaboration space
  • A creation space
  • A space for math tools
  • Laboratories
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