Academic Ethos

Every educational institution needs to have a sound ethos to create global citizens who approach their environment with compassion, courage and foresight. The ethos of institutes is bulwarked by their shared values which are reflected in the choices the students make in their academic roles.

To inculcate academic ethos, students, support members, teachers and the leaders are invested with accountability for the future. A school of higher learning emphasises on the core values which constitute the set of meanings that management wants the academic community to follow.

At Bodhi International School, we organize our academic program around student profiles and learning approaches effectively detailed in IB programs. This sets goals for each child, as per their learning styles, gradually integrating younger ones into the larger stream of academics by building their academic profiles. No student is left out at Bodhi and everyone moves at their own pace to a shared rhythm of learning ceaselessly.

At middle school, the Cambridge Lower Secondary Program coaches the learners on how to learn, where students are taught ways to assimilate and record their learning. Children regularly step up their learning curve by employing self-assessment tools while forums are shared by the parents, teachers and students to encourage discussion. This is also the section when career coaching becomes an integral aspect of holistic education. Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A Level provide broad and balanced study across a wide range of subjects, using learner-centred and inquiry-based approaches to learning.

In 2021, Bodhi integrated senior secondary classes of CBSE as a part of the mainstream curriculum to cater to the diversified learners staffed adequately by experienced teachers and coordinators. This section now runs full-fledged in its second year, making us proud of its nascent success.

Excellence is a way of life at Bodhi and we encourage students to excel in their chosen field. We have produced world and national toppers in board examinations year on year.

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